Who we are

One of the most principle things that characterize Mini Mover is the company’s dedication to its work and incredible achievements for the course of 10 years. The company was initially just a small contractor that just hauled things for its clients. Years passed and we have grown into a nationwide phenomenon that provides one of the most high-quality moving services in the country.

Mini Mover’s principal goal is to supply customers with upper grade quality and affordable services of house and office relocation. In other words, whatever the client’s need for a move, they can rely on Mini Mover’s experts to develop a sound plan and handle the job for them in an outstandingly effective manner.

Mini Mover is your prime mover company in Malaysia.


A Word From the Founder

When Mini Mover just got started, we’ve had a single and simple intent – try and make some money by providing services that were not around all that much in the country. As the work went on and we began to accumulate positive feedback and happy clients that were leaving it, we decided that our company is capable of doing so much more – we made a decision to start providing relocation services to our customers.

We started to look for new talents and specialists that would help us make it a really well-tuned system. It was the moment Mini Mover started gathering the best drivers, packers, movers, logistics experts and other personnel and began building its future. Basically, Mini Mover is a contractor that takes the load related to relocation off the clients’ shoulders and takes care of it for them.


Mini Mover CEO

Our experience

Relocation services – 10 years
Logistics assistance – 9 years
Removal of pianos and other bulky objects – 6 years
Special transportation rental – 4 years

Why Hire Mini Mover?

Effective team structure

Your relocation is taken care of the finest specialists in the niche.

Affordable prices

You are guaranteed to get exactly the services you require.

Sophisticated machinery and tools

Special equipment and new transport are always at hand.

Special transportation for unusual relocations

In order to get your move done, we have cranes, lorries, and other machinery.